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Financial Controller

Singapore, Central Singapore, SingaporeOperations

Job description

About DiviGas: (see

Billions worth of hydrogen gas is made and lost every year at petrochemical plants due to equipment failure against tough gas streams. DiviGas has invented proprietary polymers to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for this wasted gas to be reused. Saving $ billions & avoiding millions of tons of CO2.
DiviGas is a Singaporean company and we have closed a USD$5m seed round in 2021 and used it to build a new factory in Melbourne Australia on top of our Singapore office. Now we are a rapidly growing technology company that sells entire plug-and-play systems designed to seamlessly and cost-effectively separate and recover hydrogen and other gases at petrochemical plants and refineries.

Exec Summary of role:

This role is our first pure financial controller role hire. It is meant for an ambitious and driven person with a history of financial management and control for a dynamic high growth startup or enterprise. This position will likely go through a great number of changes as our company is undergoing rapid growth phases. We recently turned on our own first plant in Australia, and are expanding our Singapore office, but also expect to undergo one or several rounds of funding, if not an outright sale of the company eventually, all of which require a cunning financial controller to keep financial health and help us predict our needs accordingly. 
The Financial Controller will have several experienced accountant services, as well as a financial/admin manager at their disposition for the day to day administration and reconciliation.
Ultimately the candidates that will thrive here will show experience in a dynamic financial environment, a capability to be flexible and to grow, as well as an ambitious capacity for both long and short term planning in an always-shifting environment.

Job requirements

Required qualifications:

  • A degree or professional qualification in Accountancy/ Chartered Accountant/ CPA (and/or equivalent) certification(s)
  • 4-9 years of financial management/ control experience in either
    • A start-up in a relevant role, or
    • A Hardware company that has shipped regular product, heavy industrial preferred
  • Knowledge in the areas of reconciliation, consolidation, financial reporting, and a strong understanding of Singapore financial reporting standards SFRS(I)
  • Must be a Singaporean PR or National/Citizen

Good to have (optional):

  • Experience fundraising
  • Experience with executive board reporting
  • Experience dealing with group finances i.e. parent and subsidiary financial process, reporting etc.
  • Multi Lingual, especially Chinese, Japanese
  • Experience in Oil and Gas, Energy or chemical industry

Start Date: Immediate

Job type: Full time

Remuneration: Salary, Equity, benefits - Tbd based on experience, six figures.

Functions and responsibilities:

  • Multi-million budget planning, financial modelling and reporting
  • Strategic planning with Cofounders, board members
  • Regular (at least once per quarter) flying to Melbourne to visit rest of team
  • Support fundraising in classic startup rounds, Series A,B, etc
  • Preparation of documents for sale of company, or exits
  • Negotiation with capital partners (alongside CEO)
  • Development and structuring of relationship with international bank for industrial loans
  • And more!

Who you are:

    ●Curious & Self aware - No one is good at everything, and you aren’t either. But trying to always improve is a necessity in this highly complex role
    ● A strategic thinker - You understand the priorities of the companies, what is a waste of time and what is mission critical, without being told
    ● Technically versatile - You can handle making presentations, making excel spreadsheets and visuals from scratch, making copy and more. If you don’t know a tool (like Miro), you are always ready to learn it on the fly
    ● Deeply independent & Self Motivated - You create your own work, and you are accountable for yourself
    ● Ambitious - You realize that as one of the first 10 employees of this company, you could become a leader in one of Asia-Pacific's most promising cleantech companies, and you could have a major impact on the world
    ● Highly self organized - You naturally file, save, label note and otherwise work in a way anyone could follow your train of thought in your absence
    ● Highly ethical and moral-driven - No cheating, ‘no-asshole’ policy, zero tolerance for racism, sexism